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At Metro, you receive personal, hands-on experienced care, not a turnstile approach to prosthetic or orthotic services.

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Patient Highlights

Life at Howard's End (blog) – Experiences and thoughts on being an amputee, some challenges, some triumphs, and just living life.

Diane Whitlock

Amputee Grandmother Not Slowed by Prosthetic Leg – Nor 13 Grandchildren

Diane Whitlock of Rosedale, MD may be missing a leg, but she isn’t missing a stride.

Prior to her life as a wife and mother of three, Diane became an amputee over 39 years ago, when as a passenger on a motorcycle, she was hit head-on by a car that crossed the double yellow line. The driver of the motorcycle was killed and the car left the scene of the accident, after backing over the downed motorcycle, then speeding off again over the motorcycle and it’s driver.

While Diane has had 39 years to come to terms with the trauma of that day, she has had to live with the impact of losing her left leg above the knee, every day since.


Justin Radcliff

Amputee Athlete Powerlifts with Prosthetic Leg

38-year-old Justin Radcliff of Clayton, North Carolina is a husband and father of three kids (two daughters and one son). Justin works as a personal trainer at a gym during the day, and makes deliveries for USA Today during the night.

An athlete all his life, Justin lost his right leg, below the knee, in an accident in November 1999, when he was 23. Justin was the passenger in a car, when the driver lost control of the vehicle on wet roads.


Cara Fortunato

Amputee Landscape Architect Uses Prosthetic Leg to Climb to the Top

When Cara Fortunato of Youngstown, Ohio began unloading heavy equipment for her landscaping business, she couldn’t have known how much her life was going to change. The Landscape Architect and Handywoman was unloading a skid steer loader from a trailer, in Los Gatos, CA., when the truck and trailer began rolling backward down the street. Still in the skid steer loader, Cara tried to jump free of the impending accident; however, she ended up getting caught in the middle of it. As the truck and trailer jackknifed, Cara’s leg was pinned between the trailer and a tree.

Upon leaving the hospital, Cara moved in with her parents in Florida for the next 2 years as she healed and started learning to adapt to life without her leg.


Dean Millman

Prosthetic Leg Helps Maryland Man Get Back on the Motorcycle

“It’s the type of thing that happens to other people, but never to you.” Says 58-year-old Dean Millman of Owings Mills, Maryland.

Dean is referring to the day in March 2009, that he led a group of 5 motorcycle riders, consisting of his wife and 3 friends, on a casual weekend ride. He couldn’t have known that this ride would be any different from the other rides. Unfortunately, it was.


Mitch Bednar

Custom Orthotics Make a Big Difference

Like many people, Mitch Bednar of Howard County, Maryland suffers with daily pain. It’s not enough to keep him from his daily duties, and over the years, he’s found ways of coping. However, it’s not minor, either.

Many of us, like Mitch, find ways to work around our pain until our pain becomes too much to bare – only then do we address the cause rather than the symptom.


Phil Avillo

Vietnam Veteran Amputee Still Going Strong

Nearly 50 years ago, Phil Avillo was a 23 year-old Marine lieutenant serving in Vietnam. A gun shot wound to his left leg resulted in its amputation above his knee. Prior to the amputation, Avillo had been an athlete, playing both lacrosse and football in college, even playing a season for the Camp Pendleton Marine lacrosse team.

“It never occurred to me,” Avillo said, “that I wouldn’t lead a relatively normal life after the amputation.” Now 72 years old, Avillo says, “I did just that.”


Tim Jones

Losing a Leg Doesn't Slow Motorcycle Racer

Tim Jones has a need for speed.

“Right now I am an amateur-professional, but I have dreams of going all the way and racing in the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) Pro Stock Motorcycle.”

The 33-year old native of Huntingtown, Maryland is unlike most other motorcycle racers out there. That’s because Tim Jones is an amputee.


Richard Herskovitz

Richard Herskovitz – Bodybuilder. Amputee. Inspiration.

You know the saying, “my body is a temple?”

Well, Richard Herskovitz lives by that motto. To say he’s in great shape would be an understatement. This 52 year old from Reistertown, Maryland, is considered one of the top Amateur Natural Bodybuilders in the country.

Herskovitz holds another title–he’s also an amputee.


Cate Dwyer

Amputee Finds a New Lease on Life

As a mother of six children, you can bet Cate Dwyer’s life can get pretty hectic. “Parenting is a contact sport,” said Dwyer.

The Glen Burnie, Maryland mother spends most of her time shuttling each of the kids to their various sports and activities. She also home schools them and will do just about anything for her family. Trying to keep up with a household full of kids is not easy — but try doing it with a prosthetic foot!

You see, Dwyer was born with a birth defect called Fibular Hemimelia.


Harry Cohen

Stand and Deliver — Amputee Style

Harry Cohen of Baltimore, Maryland owns a tavern and a liquor store. That means he’s on his feet 16 to 18 hours a day.

Despite the long hours, he still finds time for himself – doing hot yoga and lifting weights at the gym five times a week. This coming spring, he’s doing something he’s never done before. “I’m challenging myself to run. My intention is to complete a 5K.”

For Cohen, the challenge isn’t in just running and completing the race, it’s doing it with a running blade. You see, almost 30 years ago, he was in a horrible motorcycle accident.


Amanda Merrell

An 11-Year-Old Amputee – “It's No Big Thing”

11-year-old Amanda Merrell of Damascus, Maryland, likes being active, real active. Amanda is on a girls soccer team.

“She’s one of the fastest runners on the team. She also scores a lot of goals. In fact, she had one of the best seasons recently,” said Suzanne Merrell, Amanda’s proud mom.

Amanda also swims. Amanda is having fun and she’s happy. You’d never guess from all of her energy and drive for life that she has a prosthetic leg.


Rayne DuBose

From Basketball to Amputation to Stardom

Rayna DuBose is a motivational speaker. The Columbia, Maryland native is also a substitute teacher and an assistant basketball coach for a men’s team at a local high school in Maryland. Right now, DuBose is 30 years old and is leading a happy, fulfilling life It wasn’t always that way.


Dayton Webber

A Teenage Amputee You Can't Keep Up With

Teenage Dayton Webber loves the Great Outdoors. Aside from his outdoor activities, Dayton also wrestles. The 15-year-old Charlotte Hall, Maryland, youth sounds a lot like other boys his age, but he's not the same. Dayton lost both his arms and his legs when he was just 10 months old.