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Prosthetic Services

Our certified practitioners design and fabricate custom prostheses that address a wide range of clinical needs.  Our clinicians make sure that the custom prosthetic is designed to your specific measurements to ensure a proper fit and that the highest quality materials are used for dependability.

We also strive to customize the design of the prothesis to meet your lifestyle needs, making sure that not only does the prostheses fit properly, but that the device is as comfortable to wear as possible.

Our goal throughout the entire process, from start to finish, is to work with you, your family members and your rehabilitation team to achieve the best outcome possible.

Prosthetic Technology Options

At Metro, we offer the latest in technology; however, we understand that not every person has the same needs. Oftentimes, the most advanced technology is just not the right fit for your needs and activity level. We will work with you to understand which options best meet your lifestyle and goals, so that you are comfortable making the best decision.

There are many prosthetic options available. We are happy to provide any of the prostheses on our site, but are also happy to discuss other options that you may be aware of. Getting the correct prosthesis for you, and making sure it has the best fit possible, are our priorities.

Above the Knee

We offer several options to fit your lifestyle and activity level.

Below the Knee

We offer several options for lower legs and feet, to fit your lifestyle and activity level.


Regardless of which the prosthesis you choose, it is our passion to make sure that it has the best possible fit with your body.

Hip Articulation

Recreating motion of the hip, for enhanced safety, mobility and comfort.


We offer passive and active prostheses for various methods of control to fit your lifestyle and activity level.

Continuity of Care

We like to build long term relationships with our customers, to continually offer them the best experience and outcomes. Click here to read more about our Continuity of Care.

Home Visits

Can’t make it to our offices? We come to you. Click here to find out about our home visits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful Resources

We understand you may have a lot of questions. Understanding what steps are next in the rehabilitation process is extremely important. We strongly urge you to learn more about what is involved in the rehabilitation process and the extreme importance of partnering with the right practitioner.

Please read more in the following sections. Remember we are only a phone call away. We look forward to working with you.