Home Visits

Home Visits

We understand that the best prepared plans don’t always work out, and that sometimes you may just not be able to get to us. While the vast majority of our work is done in our offices, if you can’t get to us, we’ll come to you. Just because you can’t get to our offices, doesn’t mean that you should have to worry about your prosthesis, or a lower level of service. We will visit you at home or in a hospital, or wherever it is that you need us to be. We will send a certified prosthetist to work with you to make sure that you end up with the same level of product and service that you would expect when visiting our offices.

This is the type of personal service that we are very proud of and is simply one aspect that has separated Metro from everyone else.

Call us today to schedule your home visit and we'll send a certified practitioner.

Prosthetic Services

Our certified practitioners design and fabricate custom prostheses that address a wide range of clinical needs.

Orthotic Services

Our clinicians make sure that the custom orthotic is designed to your specific measurements.